Unoffical Winter

The weather is chilling (sorta), the juncos are back, and the blog is a-snowing.

Literally, there is snow on the blog. I love that feature.

But the point is, it’s starting to feel a bit like winter over here in rural Illinois, so I’m asking you: What things make it winter for you?

Winter winds blowing,
It’s freezing, it’s snowing,
Next year is coming so fast.
Together we’re laughing,
Everyone ‘s shopping,
Remembering Christmases past.

So that poem was a bit rough around the edges, but hey, I’m out of practice — and poems were never my forte anyway.

Anyway, in case I don’t get a chance to say this later: Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to you — wherever you are, and regardless of what holiday you celebrate this month.

P. Kitten

P.S. You can make the snow go different ways by moving your mouse.

One comment

  1. Cute poem, and I like your snowflakes, too. I’m not ready for them outside my door yet. Maybe on Christmas eve an inch or so would be nice. Love you, Kitten!


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