Here’s to 2013

It is 2013. For some reason, people think this year is going be really good… or something (maybe it’s a post-(fail)apocalypse thing). Well, in that spirit, I’m making this post. First, let’s take a look at years past, shall we?


GAHGEESHGAROO! (That should be some type of animal… *strokes imaginary beard*…) I just realized I missed my 2012 blogiversary… which mean I’ve now been blogging 5.5 years………… *turns inside out and then explodes*. FIVE AND A HALF YEARS? It feels closer to three and a half… Ah well, let’s look at what I have to show for my five and a half years.

Posts: Counting this one? 111. A cool number, granted, but…. Really? Only 111??? That’s like… 20 posts per year!

Comments: 345 goodies, (again a cool number) and 3,645 spammies.

Subscribers/Followers: 7ish. Mostly family and friends.

My biggest categories are:

  1. Stories, at 25
  2. Blogging, at 21
  3. Miscellaneous, at 20

So, yeah… That’s all I have to show for the first 5.5 years, but what comes next?

Moving On!

I’m fourteen now, for those of you who didn’t know. (My birthday is Jan 1st. I’m convinced that the Rose Parade is really in celebration of it ;)). When I started this blog, I was eight. I was story loving, cat obsessed, and maybe a little bit set on proving that I could do things my older brother did (like start a blog). Now I’m… Still story loving, still cat obsessed, and I ‘m now also crazy and random and weird… Hmmmmmmmm, hm, hm, hmmmm. Anywho, (how, and when):

I’ve been a teenager for a whole year. I was always pretty spotty on the whole posting thing, but I think I’ve been getting worse lately. I haven’t done anything story related for ages. That was what my blog was about when it first started: it was my writing outlet. But since I really got down and wrote a book, I haven’t been as into writing stories on my blog. I just kind of fell out of the blogging-van this past year.

But I love my blog. It’s fun to be able to get on and write totally random stuff. But I think it’s time to move it in another direction. I don’t know quite yet what EXACTLY that direction will be, but I have some ideas to get started. And I’m hoping that having that direction will let me post more.

Now I will not stop posting stories. This is after all, “Kitten’s Purring, stories for a cozy lap”, but I think of the increase in “postage”, part of that will have to include having a lot of non-story stuff. Here are some of my goals for how this blog will move, though:

  • Posts that reflect God. I don’t feel like I make him a big enough part of my posts. I want to fix that problem in the upcoming year.
  • More schoolish things. I’ve made some math posts, but… I think I might start making posts about the school books/methods/etc. that I like. You know, for all you teachers out there.
  • Just… More. I want to get back into posting a lot. I’m hoping to get at least 2 posts a week. Or at least closer to that than 2 posts per 6 months.

You’re right if you guessed that this has to do partly with having read Do Hard Things. The book really inspired me to get out of my rut… I’ve been slacking at a lot of stuff besides my blog! So this is part of my movement to a God centered life. So yeah, here’s to 2013!

Pretty Fireworks!

Fireworks!!!! YAY (photo by nigelhowe on flickr)


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