Cats in fifty words

(For Homeschool Kids Write assignment #50.)

funny pictures of cats with captions

I like — no, love — cats. They are cute, and you can tell when they are happy and when they are mad. When a cat is happy, it purrs. And when a cat is mad, it twitches its tail and puts its ears back. Sometimes they are very funny and cute.


  1. If the cat in the picture had actually been angry, her ears would twitch backwards and go flat against her head. The expression on the cat’s face comes from the angle of the camera. Movie makers sometimes use camera angles like this to signal that a character is a “bad guy.” You can try it on a friend: Shoot a picture from above your friend’s forehead, with the camera looking slightly down. Don’t let the friend turn his face up toward the camera — only his eyes can move to look up at you. I’ll bet your friend looks angry and mean in that picture, too.

    — Kitten’s Mom


  2. Actually… We got it from I can has cheezburger? So it wasn’t really our cat… But hay, it worked, didn’t it?


  3. Considering the fact that some people think that black cats are bad luck… having a black cat named Lucky is funny.
    But I think they only say that because witches in stories always have black cats (at least bad ones do), but I don’t believe that black cats are really bad luck, I mean I have a black cat and when she was young her mother abandoned her or something, and she lived!


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