Homeschool Kids Write

Cats in fifty words

(For Homeschool Kids Write assignment #50.)

funny pictures of cats with captions

I like — no, love — cats. They are cute, and you can tell when they are happy and when they are mad. When a cat is happy, it purrs. And when a cat is mad, it twitches its tail and puts its ears back. Sometimes they are very funny and cute.


(For Homeschool Kids Write assignment #58.)

Beauty is all around.
Lilacs, Daisies, and Roses grow.
Out of ground, the stems proceed.
Out of stems, leaves come to give life to its flower.
Mind your step, lest you crush one by accident.
I do love spring, its fragrant smells.
Now my favorite season has come.
God, I thank Thee so much for the beautiful season of spring.

If the color green was illegal

(For Homeschool Kids Write assignment #57.)

If the color green was not allowed, many things would be destroyed: trees, grass, seaweed, flowers, emeralds, the color teal, and many more things.

If the color green was not allowed, I’d be very sad, because even though green is not my favorite color, it can be very pretty some times.

Anything made of wood would be very expensive, so would paper.

Plus, the only way to save St. Patrick’s day would be to change the color of it. For instance, instead of green maybe blue, or red.

Also the rainbow would be smaller, because it would lose a color, though I suppose we could add some color, like pink for instance, or some thing…..

So, I hope that if anyone was thinking about making the color green illegal, they will decide against it.