“Spam” (This is a random funny post)

This is a random post about spam, it’s completely random. Why is it random? Because I’m random! 😛

“Wait, I thought you said this post was about spam. Where’s the stuff about spam?”

You interrupted, that’s why I haven’t said anything about spam.

“Okay, so I won’t interrupt. Now where’s the stuff about spam?”

Spam is good, I love spam, this post is random.

“Huh? I thought you were talking about the other type of spam!”

What? Oh, that type of spam? Easy, this post is not spam.

“YOU…. you…. I’m leaving!”

Um… Okay, okay, let me see…. Oh yes! The old Blogger’s Rule: You’re not a real blogger unless you eat spam.

“You’re crazy.”

Oh, was it: You’re not a real blogger unless you can get spam for free?

“You are a failure uneducated. Did you go to school?”

Hmm, did I? Nope, I didn’t, I still do :D.

“Never mind, I can see this fight is hopeless.”

Nothing is hopeless! You just need God on your side.

“Okay, let me rephrase that. I can see this fight is pointless.”

If you say so :D!

“Uh, have a educated nice day. And see you later.”

Yeah, see ya! 😀 and thanks for visiting!

“Yeah, uh, no problem.”


That was not supposed to be serious. If want something serious about spam, go to my mom’s post Week 7: Spam Comments at her blog Blogging 2 Learn (mentioned in my earlier post, Blogging 101.)

Also, here is a funny video about spam:


  1. I will have to bring some spam next time to co-op so we can feast! Or should I send you some? 🙂


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