Er, isn’t the point of collaborating and collaborators is that they are united? *Shake head* Oh, well.

Anyway, why am I talking about collaborators and collaborating? Because I am one. Yesterday me and Gecko got together a shared blog. It’s call *druuuuuuum roooooooooll* Collaborative Randomness and the idea for it started with my post about dividing by zero (the one right below this ‘un). In fact, we might have a continued story line from that there post on Collaborative Randomness (Also known as: Coll. Rand.).

We created this new blog for two purposes: 1. because we’ve always been curious about the whole shared blogging  thing, and 2. because Gecko is moving to an (apparently squarish [see coll. rand]) state. WAAAH ): WAAH! I NO GET TO SEE HIM NO MORE *sits in corner* Waaaaaaaaaah DDD:::::::

Anyway, now we have a shared blog, and it’s awesome . . . and it’s random . . . and it is


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