Okay, not very imaginative title. . . anyway, so my sim is a sculptor, and she made this sculpture, and its name is funny. Why? Well, wouldn’t you find it funny if your sim’s first masterpiece sculpture (I’m pretty sure it’s her first) is a “You’ve Got a Big Head” sculpture? XD.

P.S.: It’s a sculpture of a big head, in stone ._.


  1. No I wasn’t. I just thought it weird that her first masterpiece had to be such a weird one. Kinda lucky though, because if it had been cool I might not have wanted to sell it. But as it is, I didn’t mind selling it and got a buncha money ^^


  2. Eh, that is bad. My sculptor keeps making lenny the freezer bunny. Okay for money, but not the best, and he’s creepy o.o sim, you pick creepy things to sculpt.
    *Hits head* ooh, next time I should see if that’s how I make the stone steps.


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