No I’m not talking about you my beloved readers. At least, I don’t think you’re rolling your eyes at me. Are you? Are you D::::? No, just joking, I don’t think you are.


*Lots of caps, sorry ^.^”*

So, I lost internet connection the other day. And for a little bit I just tried reloading the page. Well, you might know by now my strange habits of noticing random and weird things. So I was watching the little loady thing and . . .

Well don’t ask me why, but I clicked ctrl-R (it’s how I tend to reload my pages) twice in rapidish succession, and the little green circle loading thing went to this hollow black circle, and in it was this solid black circle rotating around the black line.

Think about that for a moment. Well, whether you see it or not (which you probably do) I though it looked like it was a rolling eye. Was it suppose to look like that? I dunno, but it did.

I just kinda home it wasn’t meant to look like that to say, “Hey, you don’t have to reload the page twice in that rapid of succession.” ‘Cause that would be kinda creepy.

I.E. E.G., not I.E.

Now I have always had troubles remembering when to use i.e. and when to use e.g. So yesterday when I was writing my 101 post (a.k.a, the post below this) and was adding on the example part for step 9, I felt a strong urge to get it right.

So I went to Google and started researching. Fairly quickly I found exactly what I needed (I would have found it quicker, but I accidentally put e.i. instead of i.e. the first time *fail*).


“I.e.” stands simply for “that is,” which written out fully in Latin is ‘id est‘. “I.e.” is used in place of “in other words,” or “it/that is.” It specifies or makes more clear.


“E.g.” means “for example” and comes from the Latin expression exempli gratia, “for the sake of an example,” with the noun exemplum in the genitive (possessive case) to go with gratia in the ablative (prepositional case). “E.g.” is used in expressions similar to “including,” when you are not intending to list everything that is being discussed.

That’s the basics and the only thing I bothered to read, but there was more on the page if any of you are interested.

That said, hopefully I (and maybe some of you, dunno how much trouble you guys and gals have had with this) will have fewer troubles keeping this straight. I know I’ve probably done it wrong several times before, and there is no way I’m going go and check every post or what not for mistakes in this area.

Oh, and as a last note, now that you know what i.e. stands for, reread this title and see what it really says :P.


WOO! LET’S GET THIS PARTY ON THE ROAD AND ROLLING! YEAH! Uh. . . one moment, what party were we talking about? Let’s try this again:

When the world explodes, it was not my fault. Yes, I have foretold the world exploding, but it was not my fault.

Okay, lets chase to the cut! Er, cut to the chase. Did I mention cake? No I didn’t, good, because there is none, mwahaha! THERE IS NO CAKE!

Gecko, you’re rubbing off on me.

So, what was the point of this post again? Oh yeah, there was none! CAKE CAKE CAKE! NOM NOM NOM! Oh yeah, no cake. Um. . . Okay, that failed.

I have to write three 6-12 sentence long paragraphs for writing class, fun. Heh heh.

This was my randomist post yet, I think. HAHA! This is my 58th post, so Gecko, now you know how many posts I have. And I shall soon have more *bows and exits*

Wedding cake

Image via Wikipedia

Oh look, there was cake. . . Heheh. . . yeah. . . about that, uh. . . Don’t get angry. Aah! No! *runs away from angry mob*.

[I did not bother to spell check this :P]

The story of two plastic bags

Once there were two plastic bags who loved each other. They lived in a little box where lots of other plastic bags lived.

One day a human came and took one of the bags out of the box, and the other bag came with it. When they reached the kitchen the extra plastic bag was discovered and put back, the remaining plastic bag had hot-dogs put in it. The plastic bags wondered if they’d ever see each other again before they died. Poor plastic bags.

“Spam” (This is a random funny post)

This is a random post about spam, it’s completely random. Why is it random? Because I’m random! 😛

“Wait, I thought you said this post was about spam. Where’s the stuff about spam?”

You interrupted, that’s why I haven’t said anything about spam.

“Okay, so I won’t interrupt. Now where’s the stuff about spam?”

Spam is good, I love spam, this post is random.

“Huh? I thought you were talking about the other type of spam!”

What? Oh, that type of spam? Easy, this post is not spam.

“YOU…. you…. I’m leaving!”

Um… Okay, okay, let me see…. Oh yes! The old Blogger’s Rule: You’re not a real blogger unless you eat spam.

“You’re crazy.”

Oh, was it: You’re not a real blogger unless you can get spam for free?

“You are a failure uneducated. Did you go to school?”

Hmm, did I? Nope, I didn’t, I still do :D.

“Never mind, I can see this fight is hopeless.”

Nothing is hopeless! You just need God on your side.

“Okay, let me rephrase that. I can see this fight is pointless.”

If you say so :D!

“Uh, have a educated nice day. And see you later.”

Yeah, see ya! 😀 and thanks for visiting!

“Yeah, uh, no problem.”


That was not supposed to be serious. If want something serious about spam, go to my mom’s post Week 7: Spam Comments at her blog Blogging 2 Learn (mentioned in my earlier post, Blogging 101.)

Also, here is a funny video about spam:

Birth: October compared to the whole year

My sister, Niner, was at a hospital website, comparing whether there were more boys or girls born in a year. (She was doing a paper for her statistics class.) And in the Octobers of 2007 and 2008 both, more girl babies were born than boy babies, but overall, each year, more boys were born.

This does not mean that there are more boys than girls in the world. Though, it might mean that there are more boys in our town. Although it sure doesn’t seem that way.

Maybe I’ll do some studying myself. If I do, I’ll tell you my results. If you do some studying of your own, then please tell me your results in a comment to this post.

Gas prices soar: Here’s how to solve that

You’re driving along and you realize that your car is low on gas, so you stop in at the first gas station that you see. Gas around $4 per gallon. Ten years ago you (or you parents) could have bought gas for a little under $1.50.

This is the problem that a lot of places in the U.S.A. are having. I think it’s time for somebody to get us out of this. Gas is money, and money is not gas. I’ll explain to you why this is: Gas costs money (too much if you ask me), but you can’t use money as gas.

We should make cars that run on cheap, useless, unliked things—something like school books. (Nasty little buggers they are.)

Tons of girls

Have you ever heard There are twice as many girls as boys? Well to me it seems true, because in my co-op and our last church there were less boys than girls. For instance there are three girls zero boys in my Sewing class (Small class, huh?), and only two boys with several girls in Drama. At our old church there were usually only two or three boys in a lake of girls. I’d almost wish that my first baby was a boy so that they wouldn’t go extinct.