Lessons with four hooves ;)

Due to the fact that we might (very large maybe) be getting two horses, I have started taking horse lessons on Tuesday mornings. It also counts as P.E. and animal science.

So far I’ve had four lessons:

  1. The first week I learned about basic safety around horses. Then I got mounted and did some walking, turning and backing up.
  2. The second week I did pretty much the same thing, though I learned how to tie a quick release knot and I got to put the saddle on. I also learned another way to command a horse to turn.
  3. The third week I worked on balance. My teacher got me out on a lunge line and I worked on standing up in the stirrups and trotting. However, the horse I was riding kept stopping to eat some clover (that was apparently very good); it was really bad when she did it while I was standing up in the stirrup — every time she stopped I’d pitch forward which didn’t feel very good, though at least I didn’t actually fall out of the saddle!
  4. Last Tuesday it was raining, so we didn’t have our lesson, but on Wednesday we had a make-up lesson. I learned how to catch and groom horses. The horse didn’t feel like being caught, and it kept switching places so I had to switch sides. Finally I caught it and got the halter on. I also put a smaller pink halter on their foal — it was a lot easier. Then my teacher showed me the different brushes and how to use them. Lastly, as I groomed the horse, my teacher told me about how the horses groom themselves in the wild and what the different uses of grooming were.

So that’s what I’ve been learning on a horse. I can’t wait for next week and the next lesson!

(For the Summer Homeschooling CurrClick Contest.)

Cops and Robbers *coughcough*

(Okay, the “*coughcough*” was mostly random.) When you see the words “Cops and Robbers,” there are a couple things you might think of. One of these things is a game called Cops and Robbers (see more in blockquote below). The game is the closest to what I’m talking about.

Today for math, I did a graphing game on the computer called: Cops and Robbers. In the game, you were supposed to find the robber by entering a guess of what the “robber’s” (x,y) position was. If you guessed wrong, it would put a little blue dot in that position that had a number on it. That number told people how many “paces” the robber was away; most the time those paces weren’t just straight lines.

So what happened?

At the start I just played normally: make a guess, then go from there. Then I randomly started clicking the “test coords” button with the same “coords” (coordinates) entered. My mom and I started joking about this, and I told her that if the game had me down for a ridiculous number of guesses, we’d know that it counted my extra clicks. She said, “If it says something like ‘You took 72 guesses,’ we’ll know it did.”

Later as I was playing with it, she wondered if we actually could make 72 guesses. (The game didn’t count my extra clicks.) I said it was easy to find out, and I started a math problem to see how many guesses we could make. It turned out to be 169.

At first Mom thought it would be hard to make all the guesses because we’d probably accidentally hit the Robber. But I pointed out: “No, we wouldn’t even have to find the Robber; we’d just have to find where the robber CAN’T be.” This made me go off and want to try. And look at what I did: (more…)

Spring 2010

In some ways I’m happy that spring’s here, and in others I am not.

Next Thursday is the culmination for this year’s co-op session, and it won’t start up again until fall! This means that there are some of my friends I won’t be able to actually see face to face until then.

But spring also brings good news! Flowers are growing, birds singing, color has returned to the world! Though I’m beginning to wonder if we have a little too much green… 😛 just joking!

Also coming with spring is swimming! Once it warms up a bit, maybe my family can get out our pool. And since I’m going to start running, it will be great to take a run then jump in the pool for a cool, relaxing, swim!

All in all, spring is my favorite season, and I’m excited that it’s here (I know, I’m a bit late :P). I mean, can’t you tell I like it a lot just by my new springy header? Oh wait, that’s because I make this blog’s themes seasonal :P. Anyway, I hope you are enjoying the new spring season wherever you are :D!

How my name nearly changed :P

This… Is a story… About… How… My name… Nearly changed… To… Kitteb.

One day (two weeks ago on the 21st of February), I was commenting on my blogging classmate Climbing Gecko. For some reason I was putting my name at the end of the comment… and… I put… Kitteb… Of course I did fix it, so my name didn’t change.

That was a boring story… Hmm… let’s see if I can’t spice that up….

To be continued…. The spiced-up version! 😀

The end of global warming, a look into the future

The  My winter wonder land stories are taking a long time to write, so I’ve decided to post other things while waiting.

Here is the story of how the human race will defeat global warming, and don’t worry, I saw it in my crystal ball, tea leaves, clouds, and the like ;-).

The first disaster, how it all started

Washington, the White House

“Sir, there’s been a explosion in New York… the whole downtown… It was sudden, few survived, and most of them will be handicapped for the rest of their lives… it was very bad, all were wounded badly… yes, sir… children, sir?…Sorry, sir…Right away, sir.”


Bloggers Ed 101

Is anyone getting tired of just one story, even broken up like it is? Well, I’ve decided that I’d write about something else — not to say I won’t continue My winter wonder land, I’m just taking a break.

I’ve decided to instead talk about my blogging class. As you know, it’s winter-spring semester at schools, and though I’m homeschooled, I have a homeschool co-op that I go to every Thursday.

At this homeschool co-op, it’s the winter-spring semester, and this semester I’m taking a writing class, a speech class, and a blogging class! I’m going to talk about the blogging class.

My mom teaches the blogging class, she even set up a blog for it — if you want to read it, go to Blogging 2 Learn — where she has everything we’re going to be doing, and what week we’ll be doing it. If you ever want to get a blog, it will be a great place to go. It would almost be like you were in the class!

Besides me, there are four others in the class. They are Climbing Gecko, First Nate, Ben, and Twilie.

Though I already have a blog and don’t need the class as much, it does help motivate me to work on my blog. In fact, I’m planning to at least make one post per week — preferably more.

Well, to my blogging class friends: see ya soon!


I AM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, so I haven’t been writing for a while, but at least for November there is a reason for that. I’ve been competing in NaNoWriMo’s young writers program. You’re probably wondering what NaNoWriMo is or means. It means: National Novel Writing Month. I have no idea how they came up with November being the national novel writing month, so don’t ask.

Anyway, here is what it is: A writing program where you set a word count goal and try to reach it before midnight November 30. You’re supposed to challenge yourself but not make it impossible. I went for 10,000 words, and I went over my goal by a 100 something.

So I won, but the novel isn’t finished yet, so I still have writing to do. If you want to compete in NaNoWriMo next year click here.

Cats in fifty words

(For Homeschool Kids Write assignment #50.)

funny pictures of cats with captions

I like — no, love — cats. They are cute, and you can tell when they are happy and when they are mad. When a cat is happy, it purrs. And when a cat is mad, it twitches its tail and puts its ears back. Sometimes they are very funny and cute.


(For Homeschool Kids Write assignment #58.)

Beauty is all around.
Lilacs, Daisies, and Roses grow.
Out of ground, the stems proceed.
Out of stems, leaves come to give life to its flower.
Mind your step, lest you crush one by accident.
I do love spring, its fragrant smells.
Now my favorite season has come.
God, I thank Thee so much for the beautiful season of spring.

If the color green was illegal

(For Homeschool Kids Write assignment #57.)

If the color green was not allowed, many things would be destroyed: trees, grass, seaweed, flowers, emeralds, the color teal, and many more things.

If the color green was not allowed, I’d be very sad, because even though green is not my favorite color, it can be very pretty some times.

Anything made of wood would be very expensive, so would paper.

Plus, the only way to save St. Patrick’s day would be to change the color of it. For instance, instead of green maybe blue, or red.

Also the rainbow would be smaller, because it would lose a color, though I suppose we could add some color, like pink for instance, or some thing…..

So, I hope that if anyone was thinking about making the color green illegal, they will decide against it.