My life

Some serious updating

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for, UPDATES!

Sorry, I’ll have to put you on hold

Not you guys!  No, it’s time I got my blog off hold, and onto go. What’s going on hold is my website programming. Why? I’ll tell you why: I need to wait for a book I ordered to come in, so I’m not going work much on making sites until that happens.

So, what am I doing in the meantime? I’m going into game programming =P. Right now I’m trying to learn about making a text game with a Qbasic type of thing.

I have a sort of storyline in mind, but I need to figure out how to do some stuff (like how to have gold, or show an inventory, and what not). That’s all I can really say right now.

Ugh, this blog is drifting

I’m going try and work on my stories more today. Tomorrow might be dedicated to my programming (see above), but I’ll work hard today and try to at least have some story to schedule for tomorrow.

I know that most of my latest posts have been more updatish than storyish, but hang with me, I’m trying get back in gear. It doesn’t help that I’ve taken an interest in drawing. (I actually drew something kinda nice looking, which I’ll try and upload when it’s finished.) And I’m constantly having story ideas.

Oh well, I guess I just need to direct some of those story ideas to my blog. Stories going on hold (meaning I’ll work on them later) are:

The end of Global Warming and The adventures of Panther and Cimorene. I will be concentrating on My winter wonder land for tomorrow’s post.

Grr, I hate the wet

Okay, so we just got over a cold spell over here, and it was starting to warm up, AND THEN THE BLASTED RAIN HAD TO COME! I’ve been trying to plan a sleepover with a couple friends of mine, and I was waiting for the weather to warm up enough for us to go riding.

First it was too cold to go riding, now it’s too wet and muddy to go riding! Plus, if spring really is rolling around, we tend to get flooded about then, flooding = wet = muddy = no riding.

Get my drift? GO AWAY YOU RAIN !

Well, that’s all I got now, until next time! (Note, this is not an edited post. I wanted to get it out today, so I don’t really have time to get it edited. I’ll try and get it edited soon!)

Late New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve never actually done much with the whole New Year’s resolutions thing — but hey, there’s always a first time! (Though this might very well also be a last time.)

So here’s a few things I plan to do this year. (I know this is kind of late, but who really cares? At least it’s still January.):

  • First off, I want to be more consistent with school work and chores (especially school work),
  • Also, I want to be better about posting on my blog. I said before I was going try and do a bit on my blog every day, but that failed so I’m going try that again — hopefully I’ll get at least a post a week.
  • To finish editing and then publish my first book, and at least mostly to finish the second one from that series, and definitely to finish my book from NaNoWriMo.

That’s all I can think of right now. I might think of more soon (though we’ll see how long any of these last). For now TaTa, hope to post again soon (like, at least by next week).

A decorated birthday cake

Image via Wikipedia

New Year’s Day was my birthday ^ (though this wasn’t my cake) ^


Halloween was two things: Halloween and cold. And of the two costumes I had to pick from, it was he one with short sleeves that fit.

For Halloween I went over the Brix’n’pieces house to go to a sleepover and their Halloween party. After I got there I walked around and played with their kitties (they are so cute) until they started getting into costume and I started watching. Here’s most the costumes:

Brix’n’pieces: Rapper.

B’n’P’s brother: Rocker.

B’n’P’s Sister: Black cat (Her hair was CRAZY!).

B’n’P’s Mom: A Hippy.

B’n’P’s Dad: As himself in the ’80’s.

Dancergirl: A baseball player.

Me: A person from India.

Other assorted costumes: Mad scientist (she even had a vial of eyeballs), three vampires (two were parents),  a princess, and something with a mask and butcher knife.

The scientist lost her eyeballs, which I found and decided it was fun to say, “I found de eyeballz!” Because I am random and crazy like that.

After we trick or treated we had some desert and candy, then we went in and did pictures. Unfortunately two of the vampires, the princess, and the boy with the mask and butcher knife had already left.

After pictures and some candy trading we played some guitar hero, taking turns (I was horrible at all the rolls (guitar, drums, and singing)). Sadly the remaining vampire and the scientist had to leave before they got a turn.

After a while we switched to Rock Band, I did a LOT better.

We played that for a while but then Dancer Girl had to leave, so we bedded down for the night.

The next morning was mostly us getting ready for co-op.

(Yes, I know this is really late, but I sort of forgot it was in the drafts. . . And this isn’t edited because I wanted to get it out, I’ll try and get my mom to edit it later.)

The return of homemade cookie dough

Okay, as you might have guessed by the title, this is about homemade cookie dough. Do not ask me why I am writing about cookie dough 😉 I just am.

Two days ago, I decided we needed cookies (for a reason I shall not state — though if you read Spilling Ink, you might figure it out). We were out of store-bought cookie dough, so there was only one thing I could do. Make it.

I would copy down the recipe I used, but that would take forever — and I’d probably get it wrong. Besides, you probably already have a cookie recipe. Or you just buy it at the store. (But homemade, I must say, is the best way to make cookies.)

Now you are probably wondering why I titled this post “The return of homemade cookie dough”. It is because usually my sister, Niner, makes it; and since she’s busy with college and homework and all, she hadn’t made any for a while, so we had to use store-bought cookie dough. Not nearly as good.

So, for the first time in my life, I made cookie dough alone. Yes I got some help with things like finding the ingredients and what the recipe meant, but I did all the mixing alone! Without anyone even supervising.

So now we have homemade cookie dough to eat whenever we want. Yum.

COOKIE DOUGH!!!!!!!!!!

P.S: To make this post worth your reading time, I will add a little tip: raw cookie dough is just as good as cooked cookies. Yes, I mean straight from that batter that is waiting to be made into cookies into your mouth. Good thing about this: you don’t have to waste time cooking it. Bad news: Well… the eggs are raw this way… BUT WHO CARES?!?!?!?! It’s good.

Spring 2010

In some ways I’m happy that spring’s here, and in others I am not.

Next Thursday is the culmination for this year’s co-op session, and it won’t start up again until fall! This means that there are some of my friends I won’t be able to actually see face to face until then.

But spring also brings good news! Flowers are growing, birds singing, color has returned to the world! Though I’m beginning to wonder if we have a little too much green… 😛 just joking!

Also coming with spring is swimming! Once it warms up a bit, maybe my family can get out our pool. And since I’m going to start running, it will be great to take a run then jump in the pool for a cool, relaxing, swim!

All in all, spring is my favorite season, and I’m excited that it’s here (I know, I’m a bit late :P). I mean, can’t you tell I like it a lot just by my new springy header? Oh wait, that’s because I make this blog’s themes seasonal :P. Anyway, I hope you are enjoying the new spring season wherever you are :D!

Cats in fifty words

(For Homeschool Kids Write assignment #50.)

funny pictures of cats with captions

I like — no, love — cats. They are cute, and you can tell when they are happy and when they are mad. When a cat is happy, it purrs. And when a cat is mad, it twitches its tail and puts its ears back. Sometimes they are very funny and cute.

My birthday party

Since one of my guests was a neighbor, we figured that he would be the first one to arrive. We were wrong; instead the other boy came first.

Now, Mom was going to make a lime punch, but she forgot. Also I didn’t know what game to play, so at first we played a game called Operation. (Perhaps you’ve heard of it; it’s a board game.)

Then we did our craft of making pretend dragon eggs; there were some pretty neat designs. For the color (we were using spray paint) (my sister was helping us, of course), I picked a textured gold and a red. The red went on before the gold was dry, making a textured red. I, my Mom, and maybe my sister — and one to all of the guests, too — thought it was the best.

After that, we drew mustaches and other funny stuff on some Sunday comics (old ones, of course). When we finished there, we played Conjecture. You take play-doh, and you make shapes (depending on the word on the card that is on top of the pile) out of it, and then your teammate has to guess what it is. Whoever’s teammate guessed first gets the point. The shaper and the guessers take turns at the different jobs.

Next we ate supper (which was pizza), followed by presents and cake.

Sadly, after that it was time for all but one to go home (the last one was spending the night). Goodbye, guests.

All in all, though, I had fun (and I hope my guests did, too).

Merry Christmas

Wow! It’s Christmas all ready!

December is zooming by. and soon I’ll be a year older! Time goes fast when under pressure of making sure you have gotten presents for every one, and I have a large family.

I hope your having a good time on this day. And every day for that matter!

Oh, and I’m purring for joy at what I got. And I hope you are too!